Heavy Duty Aluminium Canopy
Every ARROW TOOLQUIP canopy are designed by our highly experienced engineers with the use of latest technology and machinery. Our products are made from superior quality marine-grade aluminum that produces a great combination of excellent appearance, high strength, security, water proof and dust proof. We build the reinforcements into the canopy of all our custom canopies. We have reinforced doors to prevent warping or twisting under force and a canopy which is strong enough to easily take your weight and more.

Internal Layouts(Optional)
All our standard canopy comes with our exclusive internal framework, you can build your canopy layout as your needs. We offer customized layouts for all our custom canopies. Feel free to email or call us to discuss your design.

Powder Coating (Optional)
Powder Coating is a strong and durable way to protect and personalise your canopy.
We offer all the standard Dulux Powder Coatings.
Note: Powder coat is not always an exact match for your vehicles existing paint. Two pac paint is also available on request.

24 Months Warranty
All of our standard size products are manufactured and imported from our overseas factory. In do so, we could minimize the cost but keep the quality to its standards for the benefit of customers. All our standard size aluminium ute canopies come with a 24 month workmanship warranty, we are extremely confident in the construction of our products.

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